Who We Are


AD+ World Health is a dedicated group of doctors, health care providers, architects, engineers, electrians, filmmakers, yogis, global citizens, and others working together to provide sustainable humanitarian aid and medical relief to children and families in need.  ADWH was started in April 2007 and is currently building permanent free eco-friendly clinics in Downey, California and Tawang, India a remote area of the Himalayas. To date, ADWH has led five medical missions to Tawang and setting up a temporary clinic stocked with $100,000 worth of medical and dental supplies.  With our team of volunteer engineers, ADWH is also designing a water filtration system to deliver clean water to the region of Tawang. Construction has begun on permanent clinics in both Downey and Tawang.  

Our approach to health care is holistic: it includes proper nutrition, exercise, clean water, education, and economic stability. Our model emphasizes working with the needs and directions of the people we are serving. We ask, we do not tell. ADWH forms partnerships with local health care providers around the globe to maximize our impact and grow our organization, so that we, along with others, can help as many people requesting our assistance as possible. We offer humanitarian relief, including medicines, medical and dental supplies, nutritional supplements and other vital aid. ADWH increases the value of each donation with its in kind model and the contributions of medical and dental supplies and equipment made by partners like Direct Relief International and Giving Children Hope.